Airplane Travel Tips Out of the Norm

There are many types of transportation offered in this futuristic world that we live in today and one that most people know very well, is airplane travel.  The whole process can be one of stress, frustration, fatigue and really pushing our bodies to the limit.  Nevertheless, if there were small things that you can do ahead of time to make[…]

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Tips and Tricks for Stock Photography

In my last post, “Stock Photography and Selling Photos Online for Beginners,” I gave an introduction on which stock photography websites I like to use and also named a few others that are out there you can try.  Now with this post I want to better prepare yourself, so that you can learn from my own mistakes and get a[…]

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European Alps

My Best 10 International Travel Tips and Tricks

After having a lot of experience traveling and learning several lessons along the way, I wanted to share a few international travel tips and tricks that you might want to consider before grabbing your bag and hopping on a plane. 1. Bring Earplugs Since traveling is hard on your body and your immune system, one of the most important things[…]

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